• Worried about care? This NEW service could be the answer for you …

    Are you thinking about care for either yourself or a loved one? With so many options and factors to consider, it can be a daunting task to find the right care service for you.

    When we think of care, the first thing that comes to mind are usually care homes. While many residential care providers do a fantastic job, many of us will still have negative opinions on what care homes are like – shabby old buildings, overworked and underpaid carers struggling to do their job, and vulnerable people receiving substandard care.

    If these concerns have crossed your mind while weighing up your options, then you’re not alone. So what, if any, are the alternatives?

4 Reasons why home care is better than a care home …

  • 1) Care tailored to YOUR needs

    Home care services are flexible and adaptable. Caregivers can offer everything from just a few hours of help around the home, or 24hr nursing care to provide support with more complex health needs. Bespoke care plans can be tailored around your specific needs and budget, so you or your loved one’s receive the care that they deserve.

  • 2) Stay in your familiar surroundings

    The main benefit of home care is in the name – you get to stay at home! Being surrounded by home comforts, family photos, a comfy chair and your favourite mug can make an enormous difference to wellbeing and quality of life. This is especially important for people affected by dementia, where new & strange environments can lead to increased confusion and distress.

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    3) Remain near your family & friends (especially four-legged ones!)

    It can be a real challenge to find a local residential facility in your area. Staying at home means that friends, family and neighbours can pop in easily, so there is less chance of loneliness and the depression that can go with it. Four-legged friends are generally not welcome at care homes, so if your loved one has pets, they can stay at home together and the carer can take them out for a walk.

  • out and about female carer shopping with patient

    4) Keep your routines and independence

    When your loved one is at home, they can set their own schedule.  Rather than adapting to an imposed timetable, they can choose preferred meal times and the routines they love. They can continue to enjoy hobbies, clubs and their favourite tv programmes, without fighting over the remote control. This consistent daily structure can improve independence and function, especially in those affected by Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

So now you know the benefits of home care, where can you find the right provider for you?

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    Meet the ‘Aunties’ shaking up the care industry in 2022

    Artisan Aunties is a brand-new concept, offering the elderly and people with mobility problems with a concierge-style home care service that will “bring excellent standards to the sector and wrap a loving arm around it”.

    This new style of home care included virtually anything that’s required, whether it’s driving, dog walking, cleaning, cooking, companionship, as well as personal care services. It’s not just aimed at enabling people to live independently in their own homes, but to live well and enjoy life too!

    What makes our service unique is that it focuses as much on the emotional needs of the client as the practical tasks at hand. Our carers will develop bonds and form friendships – it’s not about just getting the job done and leaving, it’s about sitting down and having a chat and getting to know each other. Sometimes going out for a coffee or for a drive, just for fun.

    For that, we provide people who see their work as a long term placement in which the needs of their clients will inevitably change and will benefit from the trust that has already been formed.

  • Who are Artisan Aunties?

    Having both dealt with the care of elderly relatives, Jo Ashworth and Tim Seyner-Harness both felt they could apply their experiences to improve on the way care services are provided. As leading recruitment specialists who have become well known for their high quality candidates, they combine their vast industry experience with the philosophy that ability and willingness to provide a great customer experience is the most important quality they look for in carers.

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    Why ‘Aunties’?

    People commonly think of an Auntie as someone who is helpful and supportive, and has your best interests at heart. Children are often invited to call close family friends ‘Auntie’ or ‘Uncle’, so it’s like being an honorary relative. And this is the kind of relationship we want to foster between our Aunties and our clients.

    Tim and Jo have always taken a ‘do it better than everyone else’ philosophy, and this is exactly the approach they’re taking with Artisan Aunties.

    As Jo explains: “Care is a poorly serviced industry, and the coronavirus has made it clear that care homes have to change. No one wants to put a family member into one anyway, but what’s happened this year has made it more imperative to find ways of allowing relatives to live independently as much as possible.”

Why Artisan Aunties are the right choice for your care needs …

The need for a higher level of care provision has never been more evident than today. Sadly we can no longer rely on care homes as a long-term safe option for your beloved family. Making decisions on care has a huge emotional and financial impact, so keeping vulnerable family members in the familiarity and safety of their own homes is vital.

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    Artisan Aunties offers the best care packages for your loved ones on the market today.

    Our caring companion service will establish your needs and requirements to match you with the perfect Auntie or Uncle to keep you company and help you around the house. We understand how vitally important this can be, so each case is assessed on an individual basis and a support/concierge package created according to need. You will be completely involved in this plan in order to ensure your loved ones remain safe, cared for and listened to.

    We also believe that keeping everyone informed at all times is key and the only way to ensure complete reassurance that your loved one is in very safe hands.

  • live-in care auntie combing elderly woman's hair

    Our home care services guarantee ...

    • Stringent hygiene and safety measures and a COVID secure approach
    • 24 hour service – our Aunties and Uncles are available 24/7
    • Fully checked, hand-picked staff
    • No waiting list, simply brief us your requirements and we have a team ready to help
    • Consistent highly trained staff (you are allocated a designated Auntie or Uncle)
    • On demand Zoom and Facetime calls to stay in touch with you and your relatives
    • Discretion assured, we value privacy and dignity

Found out how we can help you with the care that you and your loved ones deserve.

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