About Us

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    Our Service and Commitment to our Clients

    Because your needs are varied and specific, we take the time to establish your every request to the finest detail. If you have a community care/support plan, we ask your permission to see this to establish the type of support you need.

    Following a one to one assessment of your needs with one of our Great Aunts, we provide and agree on your personalised plan with you. After which we carry out a risk assessment to ensure that both you and our Artisan Aunties and Uncles are kept safe.

    We then match your needs to one of our Aunties or Uncles and arrange for you to be introduced. You can be confident that all background checks are fully carried out before they are sent to your home.

    NB: For emergencies or quick turnarounds, it is possible to complete an assessment within three days of the agreed start date (excluding Bank Holidays).

    Within three months, we will arrange a review of your personalised plan with one of our Great Aunts. We are happy to review the plan at any time at your request.

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    We commit to...

    • Listen to your needs
    • Treat you and your loved ones with respect and dignity
    • Being honest and open about what we can deliver
    • Take timely action in response to any concerns raised
    • Respect your privacy and the data held about you
    • Endeavour to provide a continuity of service, and inform you of any changes

    What we ask of you

    • We ask you to refrain from smoking during our visit unless pre-agreed otherwise
    • Our Artisan Aunties and Uncles may be held up at times before or whilst visiting, so please allow 30 minutes either side of the agreed time
    • We will not put any Artisan Aunties and Uncles into situations where we feel they could be at risk or subject to harassment or intimidation
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    Ensuring the Best Service

    We are different from other agencies – yes we know all agencies say that, but in our case it really is true! Finding energetic, talented workers who know how to exceed customer service expectations is our forté. Artisan has over 30 years experience in providing quality service.

    Ours is a fully bespoke service, sourcing and managing dynamic individuals who are perfectly suited to you. We hand pick all our staff to make sure they are not only passionate and knowledgeable but that they are proactive, professional, friendly and motivated to make a real difference. We meet with all our candidates so we will always provide you with staff who are a great fit.

    To ensure you’ll always receive the best possible service both in terms of safety and quality of service, we invest in our team through Artisan in-house training.

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    We’ll make things easy for you

    Our Great Aunts are our driving force and are there to ensure a smooth running service. They are always close at hand or on the end of the line to support both you and your Auntie or Uncle. They will check in with our Aunties and Uncles on a regular basis and love to hear your feedback too.


    Our smart phone app based software, enables GPS tracking of our Aunties and Uncles. We pride ourselves on providing first class service but also know that in today’s world sometimes traffic delays are inevitable and beyond our control. With our smart technology we can ensure we have all the up to the minute info on how far our Aunties and Uncles are away from you and for your peace of mind we can keep you updated on any potential hold ups.

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Acting old is optional.