10 ideas how to celebrate New Year with loved ones

24 Dec 2020 / Artisan Aunties

It’s wonderful when our Team share their personal journeys as they care for and support their loved ones during lockdown. We thought you would enjoy this one which is a guest blog from one of our lovely Great Aunties!

10 ideas how to celebrate New Year with loved ones

As a big and close knit family have found the last year particularly difficult. Being one of 6 siblings, all with our own children and grandchildren, it has been hard for those family members that are not in Mum’s bubble not to see her, and also hard for the bubble family to be the only ones supporting Mum.

family christmas 2019

We had to come together as a family, to generate some very innovative ideas to all keep in touch and support each other this New Year. Here are some of our ideas!

  • Create a family WhatsApp Group to keep in regular touch and keep everyone updated with your New Year celebrations
  • Have a Zoom chat with everyone and share jokes (top tip – save the cracker jokes from Christmas Day)
  • Organise a New Year Zoom quiz – with each household preparing questions about the last year
  • Make New Years videos to share on your Group WhatsApp
  • Make and send cards with younger members of the family to send to Great Nan
  • Get crafty and make some New Year Decorations
  • Bubble to take part in outside activities e.g. drinks and nibbles in your garden – so you get outside
  • Record some fun Tik Tok videos to share within the family group (they will keep everyone smiling)
  • Have a family bake off and send to each other
  • Create a family New Year cocktail which you can all make and share together

Wishing everyone and their families a very happy and healthy New Year.

family group before lockdown


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