Artisan Aunties’ top tips for homeschooling

13 Apr 2021 / Artisan Aunties

The schools are now open again and the majority of students are back in the classroom, to the relief of parents across the country! However, a minority is still classified as clinically vulnerable and has therefore been advised to continue their homeschooling activities. And sadly many students fell behind on their learning while they were in lockdown, which means they need extra support to catch up.

Artisan Aunties’ tutors have a number of tips that will help your children work more effectively, giving them a better chance of catching up with their learning and keeping up with their workload.

female tutor helping young girl with homework

Hire a tutor

Whether you’re homeschooling or your children need additional support with their schoolwork in the evenings, hiring a tutor to give them one-to-one support is a great way to help them do well. Whatever your child’s age and whatever subject they need help with, we will find a tutor who’ll be able to help them raise their game.

Ask the school for help

Your children’s teachers will be the best people to tell you what your children need to learn, which books they should read and where to obtain all the homeschooling resources they’ll need.

Set the scene

Create a dedicated homeschooling space in your home so your children get used to the idea that this is where they have to work. If they’re sitting at a desk or table with only their schoolbooks and equipment around them, they won’t get distracted by their toys and games, and are more likely to concentrate on their schoolwork.

male tutor having fun with young girl at home


Create a timetable for your children in the same way that they would have one at school. By sticking to your homeschooling routine, they will find it easier to settle down to do their studies. At the beginning of each ‘lesson’ or topic, set an alarm so they know when it’s time to move on to the next subject.

Schedule breaks

Regular breaks are hugely important. Encourage the kids to get up and move around during their breaks, and if possible, get them outside to get a bit of fresh air and exercise.

young girl taking the sun during her homework break

Eat healthily

There is overwhelming scientific evidence showing that healthy eating has a positive effect on learning and a diet of processed and junk food has a negative impact on a student’s ability to learn. So keep the sweets and fizzy drinks for treats and keep the cupboards stocked up with fruit and veg, as well as nuts and whole grains.

young girl eating healthily

Drink lots of water

One of the best ways of keeping the brain active is to stay hydrated. Your brain function depends on water, and being dehydrated can impair concentration, memory, reaction times and even mood. So make sure they’ve always got a bottle of water handy and encourage them to drink throughout the day.

Learning style

If you know how your children process information best, you can help by providing the tools and the knowledge they need to help them retain information. There is a lot of information online about learning styles, so the best place to start would be one of the many Learning Style Assessment tools. These will help you identify your children’s learning styles and offer suggestions as to how they can apply them in the future.

Give praise

Giving your kids the right kind of praise can be very motivating. Scientific studies have shown that praise can be a minefield; however, what they have shown is that praising your children for the effort they put into a task – rather than for generally being ‘clever’ – is likely to pay off in the long run.

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