Becoming a Companion – the need-to-know stuff

15 Jun 2021 / Artisan Aunties

Have you ever thought about working as a companion? If you love people, love chatting and love bringing joy into other people’s lives, this could be an ideal job for you! So before you apply to become one of our Artisan Aunties or Artisan Uncles, what do you need to know?

Why will you call me an Auntie or Uncle?

Remember when you were a kid and you called some of your parents’ friends Auntie or Uncle? Even though they’re not blood relations, they were close enough to you to be treated like an honorary member of the family. You looked forward to seeing them because they were fun to be around, reliable, trustworthy, and you knew they would always be there to support and encourage you. As an Artisan Auntie or Uncle, you’ll be fulfilling the same role to your clients, even though your clients will probably be a lot older than you.

Who needs me?

It is most likely that you will be employed to become a companion to someone who is less able to get out and about by themselves; usually that person will be elderly, lives alone and needs someone to help them enjoy life again. Loneliness is a huge problem for older people, especially if they have mobility problems, and while local authorities will provide practical help and support to enable the frailer members of society to live independently at home, companionship is not included. In fact, the time that carers have is often so limited, they barely have time to do their duties, let alone have a chat before they have to rush off to their next appointment.

The World is Your Oyster with companion help

What does a companion do?

What you’ll do depends on what the client wants or needs, but it will mostly involve just being around to have a chat and a cuppa, watch television together, or take them out for a drive or a little walk. Our Aunties and Uncles are happy to help out with whatever’s needed, such as a bit of cleaning and gardening, taking care of pets, making sure clients do their exercises, teaching/reminding them how to use technology, taking them to appointments, etc. Our Aunties and Uncles are invested in the people they look after, and we love it when they go above and beyond their duties; some of our superstars have gone the extra mile by doing a bit of shopping for their client in their own time and dropping it off on their way home, or baking them a birthday cake and making sure they’re not alone on their special day. We have also heard of our Aunties and Uncles taking their dogs when they visit pet-loving clients because they love making a fuss of a furry companion… and the dogs love the attention!

When the time is right again, our Aunties and Uncles will be taking their clients out for coffee or lunch, accompanying them on visits to museums, galleries, gardens or heritage attractions, and joining them on trips to the cinema or theatre – enabling them to continue to enjoy the things they can no longer do on their own. Maybe they’ll also hire you to take them for a day trip to the seaside or drive them to a different part of the country so they can visit friends.

It is likely that you will be hired by someone who would like you to keep an eye on an elderly relative. So as a companion you’ll also need to keep in constant touch with them, letting them know how things are going, keeping them updated on money you spend on behalf of your client, and sharing any concerns you have.

Our companion carer can handle the heat in the Kitchen!

Do I need to have experience in a similar job or qualifications?

Absolutely not! We’re looking for ‘people people’ with big smiles and kind hearts. We’re looking for superstar qualities such as passion, enthusiasm and dedication rather than experience, though if you have a background in retail, hospitality or customer service, where customer experience excellence is key, so much the better.

We will make sure you get any training and certifications you’ll need, and we’ll make sure they’re kept up to date if need be. We’ll also ensure you follow hygiene measures and follow a COVID-secure approach based on current guidelines.

What personal qualities do I need?

We need you to be compassionate and empathetic, patient and caring, as well as professional, reliable, proactive and a great communicator.

Our clients are from all walks of life, and you’ll be working with people of any and all nationalities, ethnicities, ages, genders and abilities. We work hard to match the right Auntie or Uncle to the right client. If you’re from a non-traditional background, you could make a huge difference to someone’s life, especially if they haven’t had the confidence or courage to fully embrace who they are.

Want to work for us?

Put your passion for people to great use with a job as an Artisan Auntie or Uncle. Personality is far more important than previous experience, so apply for work as a companion by sending us your CV and a great covering letter telling us all how your superstar qualities will help you bring joy into your clients’ lives.

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