Care Home vs Home Care – what’s right for you?

6 Aug 2021 / Artisan Aunties

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While the need for additional care could apply to anyone of any age, it is usually needed as people encounter more health complications as they get older and become less able to live well independently. There may well come a point at which you need to make a decision about whether you need extra care in your own home or would be better off to move into a care home. And that will depend on what’s right for you.

Care home

People are understandably reluctant, even at the best of times, to move into a care home. It means admitting that they can’t cope on their own, and leaving a beloved home that holds many fond memories, with the additional worry about the expenses involved. The pandemic has made care homes even less desirable for many people, not just because of Covid concerns, but also because they fear becoming even more isolated from friends and family while shielding is still needed.

If you are struggling to cope living on your own, ask your GP or local social services department for a care needs assessment (or get a relative or friend to ask on your behalf). You are entitled to this assessment even if you intend to pay for your own care. Professionals will assess your situation and make recommendations about how much help you need.

Even if 24/7 care is recommended, you do not have to move into a care home. With the right live-in care, you could continue to live in your own home.

Home care

Care provided for you in your home enables you not only to live independently, but also to enjoy life too. At Artisan Aunties we believe that having joy in your life is hugely important, and our home carers – who we call Aunties and Uncles – can provide companionship care as well as everyday support in your home.

If you only need a bit of extra help with cleaning, gardening and getting to appointments and the shops, home care is likely to be the best option for you. Our Aunties and Uncles will be happy to help with whatever practical support you need, but most importantly, they’ll have time to sit down with you for a chat. Loneliness is a common problem for older people who live on their own, so having someone to share a cup of tea and a laugh with will make all the difference.

An additional advantage is that, with someone else taking care of the jobs around the house, driving you to doctors’ appointments and the shops, and even accompanying you on trips out, the pressure is taken off your relatives. With less obligation to do tasks for you when they visit, they’ll have more time to sit and chat, so you’ll all enjoy your time together more.

When you first start to need a bit of help around the house, home care is the obvious choice. With just a few hours of support from an Auntie or Uncle every week, you’ll be able to maintain your living standards, allowing you to make the most of your life. If your needs become greater, you can increase your hours of support accordingly.


The decision between care home and home care is not just about money, it’s also about your independence and happiness. If you decide that home care is for you, we will be happy to discuss your needs and match you to a compatible Auntie or Uncle. Contact us by calling 0755 145 9596 or emailing us at

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