Introducing Artisan Aunties

1 Oct 2020 / Artisan Aunties

Artisan Aunties is a brand-new concept in the provision of home care services. We offer the elderly and people with mobility problems with a concierge home care service that will “bring excellent standards to the sector and wrap a loving arm around it”.

The stand out difference in the service provided by Artisan Aunties is that it’s more about the emotional needs of the client, even though the Aunties – and Uncles – will largely be doing a lot of practical tasks.  We want our Aunties and Uncles to develop bonds and form friendships with their clients – it’s not about getting the job done and leaving, it’s about sitting down and having a chat and getting to know each other. Sometimes going out for a coffee or for a drive, just for fun. For that, we provide people who see their work as a long term placement in which the needs of their clients will inevitably change and will benefit from the trust that has already been formed.

Joie de vivre

Artisan Aunties has been set up by Jo Ashworth and Tim Seyner Harness who are the Founder Directors of Artisan People, recruitment specialists who have become well known for their high quality candidates. With the overriding philosophy that ability and willingness to provide a great customer experience is the most important quality they look for in candidates.

Jo and Tim have both dealt with the care of elderly relatives and they’re applying the experiences they’ve had when organising home care through agencies, and will improve upon it! They’ve created a concept of ‘concierge home care’, which can encompass virtually anything that’s required, whether it’s driving, dog walking, cleaning, cooking, companionship, as well as personal care services. It’s not just aimed at enabling people to live independently in their own homes, but to live well and enjoy life too.

Why Aunties?

People commonly think of an Auntie as someone who is helpful and supportive, and has your best interests at heart. Children are often invited to call close family friends ‘Auntie’ or ‘Uncle’, so it’s like being an honorary relative. And this is the kind of relationship we want to foster between our Aunties and our clients.

With Artisan People, they have always taken a ‘doing it better than everyone else’ philosophy, which has resulted in a hugely successful and innovative agency.  And this is exactly the approach they’re taking with the Artisan Aunties’ home help services. As Jo explained: “Care is a poorly serviced industry, and the coronavirus has made it clear that care homes have to change. No one wants to put a family member into one anyway, but what’s happened this year has made it more imperative to find ways of allowing relatives to live independently as much as possible.”

Shaking up the care industry

These are uncertain times and a great many people in industries that demand high levels of customer experience, such as hospitality, air travel and luxury retail, are facing an uncertain future. Through Artisan Aunties, Tim and Jo have opened up new opportunities for them that will utilise their experiences with a different set of clients, and this will ultimately help create higher industry standards.

As Tim points out: “There are some really great people working in care, but whatever their experience, they will all go through the Artisan People filters that all our candidates do. It’s all about finding the right person, and we need people with a special kind of temperament to be able to offer our trademark service level.  There are many excellent people with the right attitude and skills who need to find new career paths, and Artisan Aunties will offer the opportunities for them to upskill and move on.”

The final word goes to Jo: “Everything’s new, but the Artisan People experience isn’t, and we are going to bring many fresh faces into this job market. And we want everyone who works for us to be proud to wear the Artisan Aunties badge.”

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