The changing face of home care in a multi-faith society

19 Jan 2021 / Artisan Aunties

According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), 80% of people who use home care services are over 65, which means, in conjunction with BSA figures, there is a higher likelihood that those in need of home care will also identify more closely with their faith. Yet there is little specific advice or information from government organisations about specifically dealing with home care in a multi-faith society, other than this guidance from NICE:

“Your care worker should respect your cultural and religious values (regarding food, for example) and make sure that your needs are met.”

Multi-faith Society and Home Care

There are very few organisations that specialise in faith-based care. If your carer’s faith is an important factor in your choice of home care, then talk to your local faith leader and fellow worshippers to see if they have any recommendations.

If you cannot find a carer who shares your faith, you must look for one who will respect it, such as Artisan Aunties. When you are contacting care agencies or interviewing possible carers, you must ask questions in order to make sure you hire someone who will ensure all the requirements of your faith are met, upheld and respected.

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How Artisan Aunties helps people of different faiths

Our ethos is to provide high quality concierge home care that is tailored to your individual needs. If your faith is an important part of your life, we will make sure your Auntie or Uncle is respectful of this and caters to your needs. Whether you’re Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or follow any other faith, we will match you with a suitable carer who is fully briefed about your needs, as well as prepared to support you in your worship and practices.

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