The truth behind domiciliary care

14 Jan 2022 / Artisan Aunties

We all need a bit of help from time to time – we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. Older family members (and friends) wishing to live independently, and those recovering from an illness or accident can find that having someone who can help out is a godsend. Here’s our brief guide to the truth behind domiciliary care. 

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What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care is basically care that’s provided in your domestic environment, i.e. your home! What kind of domiciliary care you need depends entirely on your circumstances. At Artisan Aunties we provide Aunties and Uncles who’ll be happy to help you with the kind of everyday support you or your loved one needs. No job’s too big or too small, and it could be anything from cleaning and tidying, laundry and ironing, or gardening, help with shopping, running errands, making the tea or just talking. We’ll even look after your pets – walking the dog or cleaning the cat’s tray. Whatever you need and for whatever reason you need it, we’ll find a suitable Auntie or Uncle to give you that support – whether you’re looking for long term help or just need help for a short time. 

One-to-one domiciliary care

If you’re older and finding it a bit more difficult to live well independently, one-to-one domiciliary care can be just what you need. We’ll take care to match you with a suitable Auntie or Uncle who we hope will feel more like a friend than someone who just provides care. They will visit you in your home as much as you need each week, and they will take care of those jobs you might be finding a bit too much these days. This could be cooking, cleaning, gardening or shopping. They’ll also be happy to drive you to appointments or take you to a café for a drink or something to eat. 

Domiciliary care providers

The difference between standard one-to-one domiciliary care and Artisan Aunties’ one-to-one domiciliary care is that our Aunties and Uncles are there for companionship as well as to help you around the house. We want you to live well, and that means that enjoying life is just as important as – if not more important than – a tidy house or doing a pile of ironing. So if this means that you’d rather have a chat or you want to get out and about, that’s what they’ll be happy to do. And if your needs change over time, your Auntie or Uncle will be happy to adapt with you, so you can rest assured that your trusted companion will always be there for you. 

Why ‘Aunties’?

We call ourselves ‘Aunties’ because we have fond childhood memories of those close family friends we used to call Auntie or Uncle. They would be honorary members of the family who’d be fun to be around and who’d be willing to help out wherever needed. We always looked forward to their visits because we knew they had our best interests at heart and enriched our lives tremendously. All our Aunties and Uncles are the kind of people who understand this and want to recreate that level of support and joy. 

If you need the support of an Artisan Auntie or Uncle, or if you’d just like to know more about our services, contact us for a chat. 

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