Time to employ a tutor?

18 Oct 2021 / Artisan Aunties


It’s the beginning of a new school year, which means it’s time for everyone to knuckle down to work after the long holidays. Unfortunately, the pandemic lockdowns have not been kind to schooling; government research concluded that the pandemic lockdowns “resulted in a reduction in the quality and quantity of students’ learning”. As many schoolchildren have a lot to catch up on, this is a very good time to employ a tutor to give your children a head start.

Alternatively, you may be thinking of hiring a tutor to help your children shine in their SATs and exams, help them prove they have what it takes to get into a good school, or bolster their skills in subjects that they currently struggle in.

Why do private tutors achieve results?

The main benefit to your children’s education of hiring a private tutor is that they’ll get one-to-one teaching. In the classroom, a child is just one of many and may miss out on the teacher’s attention because another child needs the teacher more or is more vocal. A private tutor is focused entirely on your children, enabling them to focus specifically on each child’s particular needs. The relationship between a child and their tutor is closer than between a child and their teacher, which means your child will become more confident asking questions that will help them learn. A one-to-one tutor will adapt to your child’s learning style, as well as the pace they learn, and will help them retain interest in a subject by using a variety of learning materials. As your children’s learning improves, they’re much more likely to be motivated to do even better, so a tutor can have knock-on benefits long after their services are no longer needed.

Confidence and self-esteem

Good tutors can make a big difference to your children’s confidence and self-esteem. Not only will tutoring help your children improve their grades, the tutor will also engage and inspire them in ways that simply aren’t possible in the classroom environment.

If your child is shy, then having one-to-one lessons with a private tutor will boost their confidence. They are more likely to ask questions they would be too anxious to ask in front of the class, and their questions will always be heard – which isn’t necessarily the case in a noisy classroom setting. A private tutor will be able to reassure a shy or anxious child about their abilities and provide them with a safe space in which to express themselves and learn to speak out more confidently.

No electronic distractions

When your children are with their private tutor, they have to remain focused. We all know that, even with the best will in the world, it’s very easy to become distracted and lose focus when you’re online, especially if you’re researching something. Working with a tutor means that, for an hour, your children cannot be sidetracked, enabling them to learn more. It will also teach them to focus when they’re doing their homework alone.

How an Artisan Aunties tutor can help

By hiring a tutor through Artisan Aunties, you won’t just be employing an expert in the subject matter. Our tutors are so much more than that. We will hand-pick someone who is best suited to your child’s personality. An Artisan Aunties tutor will also become a mentor and companion who will make learning such good fun your kids will almost be unaware they’re improving their grades!

We DBS check and fully reference check our tutors, but we also do our own checks to make sure they have the right can-do attitude and personality to teach and motivate their students and improve their grades.

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