Why parents in London urgently need home help

16 Mar 2021 / Artisan Aunties

Parents haven’t had a very good year. Many have had to get to grips with remote working and homeschooling, alongside all the usual demands of parenthood, so it’s not surprising so many mums and dads are exhausted! One message that came through loud and clear over the lockdowns is that we need to take care of ourselves more, and home support is a vital part of that.

In fact, ‘lockdown burnout’ has become a real problem. People who are currently working from home are finding themselves working longer hours with less opportunity to ‘switch off’. For many, the working day has become intertwined with the demands of domestic distractions and are struggling as a result.

As lockdown restrictions ease and the vaccination programme continues apace, we’re all looking forward to regaining at least some semblance of normality. And parents can look forward to bringing some help into their homes. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could be left alone to concentrate on your work while someone else takes care of the household?

Home help for parents

For many parents, it’s not just a question of looking after their children. There’s a certain point at which their own parents need more support, which can add additional pressure on people who are already very busy. Artisan Aunties’ home help for parents gives you the support you need to help you restore your work–life balance.

All you have to do is tell us what you need help with, and we’ll find an Auntie or Uncle who has not only the right skills, motivation and can-do attitude, but also the personality to fit in well with you and your family. Our Aunties and Uncles go through a rigorous recruitment process to make sure they have the skills and customer service excellence the Artisan family demands from all candidates. They will also be fully reference checked and DBS checked and ready to hit the ground running as soon as you need them to start.

We offer a number of services for busy households, and many of our Aunties and Uncles will be flexible enough to support you by doing a range of duties.

Tutoring and homeschooling

With many kids understandably fell behind with their learning when the schools were in lockdown, so if you’re looking for ways to help them catch up, one-to-one tuition is a good option. Alternatively, your child may need a bit of help with subjects not covered in traditional educational environments, such as confidence and public speaking. Or perhaps they want to explore arts subjects such as music and drama in more depth than they can at school. Whatever your needs, we can find you appropriate homeschooling tutors who will get your children back on track and motivated to do well.

tutor supporting young girl with homework at home

The school run

Busy parents are often torn between the needs of their job and getting the kids to and from school. Having an Auntie or Uncle regularly helping out with the school run could really take the pressure off you. It doesn’t matter whether you just need someone to drive them or whether you need someone to come in the morning to make breakfast and help them get ready for the day before taking them to school. You may also need someone to pick them up after school and look after them until you return home from work. We run a bespoke service, so we’ll find you someone who’s happy to do whatever you need them to.

school run male driver driving kids to school


If the lockdown easing goes according to plan, it is possible that we’ll be enjoying our social lives again by the summer! With restaurants, cinemas and theatres expected to open again soon, we can all rediscover the joy of going out for an evening with friends – something that the majority of us are really looking forward to! If you have young kids, you’re obviously going to need a reliable babysitter to look after them when you’re out. Don’t rely on a neighbour’s teenager, an Artisan Auntie or Uncle will provide a reliable and responsible service whenever you need it.

babysitter dancing with young blonde girl in the living room

Maternity support

Sadly being a new parent isn’t always a joy, and for some, it can be overwhelming. When new parents are struggling – whether it’s because of physical or psychological problems – they can really benefit from the support of a Night Nanny. Night Nannies are experienced with caring for babies and can be there to help you cope by feeding, changing and soothing your baby while you get the restorative power of a good night’s sleep. They’ll also be able to give you advice on childcare and help your baby get into a routine. Don’t carry on regardless when there’s help at hand.

infant sleeping in blue pijiama

Home help for older people

Many parents find themselves pulled two ways by their responsibilities of care, dividing their time between looking after their own children and supporting ageing parents. And this leaves no time for them to look after themselves. Artisan Aunties specialise in-home care services for the elderly. Our Aunties and Uncles will be happy to help with whatever support is needed, such as popping in regularly for a chat and companionship, helping out around the house, driving them to appointments, taking the dog for a walk, helping with shopping, trips out, etc. If you know that someone is keeping an eye on them and helping out around the house, you’ll not only get greater peace of mind but will also be able to spend quality time with them when you visit, rather than catching up with tasks. If all the little jobs have been taken care of by their Auntie or Uncle, you’ll enjoy your own visits more as you’ll get to spend more quality time with your loved one.

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