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What is an au pair?

The term “Au Pair” sounds a little old fashioned to us – we prefer to call them our Governess Aunties. Whatever you want to call them, these dedicated family helpers can provide the most versatile and comprehensive support to your family and household.

The services our Governess Aunties give is always first-class and invaluable. As either a live-in, full-time addition to your family, assisting with chores and childcare, or a part-time helper for domestic help, hiring a Governess can be an enriching and fulfilling experience for everyone.

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London Families in need of childcare support benefit the most from an Artisan Governess Auntie. Being on hand to perform nannying and babysitting duties, additional help in the kitchen, on errands or on family trips, a Governess becomes a cherished part of your family.

Since the Governess Auntie is going to be spending extending time with you, it’s all the more important that our recruitment processes are foolproof at matching up families to suitable Aunties.

Hand-picked Governess Aunties can accompany kids to summer camps, join the family on foreign travel, or live in with you for that extra intimacy and convenience. We’ll give you peace of mind that every Artisan Governess is thoroughly vetted and assigned for their specific experience and qualifications.

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Fully checked, hand-picked staff.

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    A Premier Au Pair in London – or Great Governess!

    Our roster of fabulous, qualified Artisan Governess Aunties can help with:

    • School runs
    • Preparing meals for children
    • Bath times
    • Bedtime
    • Laundry & ironing
    • Admin support
    • Overnight stays

    We pledge to find you a governess who’ll be the right fit for your family, tailored to whatever level of care and commitment you need.

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