Homeschool Tutoring in London

Homeschooling has become the norm recently. But Zoom classes and parents struggling to balance work and homework help can take their toll on kids’ education and wellbeing.

With schools opening up again, and kids catching up the time they’ve lost, some education support at home could still be just what they (and their parents!) need. Even with the shift from full-time home education, a tutor or mentor for children can lift their confidence – and their grades!

That’s where Artisan Aunties come in.

We offer bespoke, expert help with all kinds of homeschooling. Our professional tutors support your children as they catch up with homework and adapt back into the routine of school life.

Artisan Education Aunties are more than your average homeschool tutor. We pair your child with a hand-picked, fabulous study buddy with the experience and personality necessary for the job.

Not only will the Auntie or Uncle be an expert in the subjects your child needs homeschool support in, but they are all brilliant mentors for children. Each one of our Artisan tutors is chosen because they are a role model. Their priorities are not only improving marks for your child, but also being a reliable, fun companion in their home learning.

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Fully checked, hand-picked staff.

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    Handpicked Help with Homeschooling Program

    All Artisan homeschooling tutors are fully DBS checked, with a proven track record of providing home education for kids at the highest level. And as standard with Artisan, every Uncle or Auntie is rigorously recruited and tailored specifically to your child’s home education needs.

    Artisan Education Aunties can support your child with:

    • Maths
    • English
    • Science
    • Languages
    • Music
    • Drama
    • Public speaking
    • Confidence building
    • Homework help
    • Nursery age right up to A-levels

    Artisan Education Aunties are not just premium tutors. If you need someone to help with your kids’ homework but also do a bit of nannying, cooking or babysitting, we can find a perfect study buddy to cover all your childcare support needs.

    Most importantly, we make sure every Auntie or Uncle is supportive, friendly and inspiring – so your child will look forward to seeing them every time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking for extra tuition for your children or want to educate them at home full time, contact us and we will match you with a suitable tutor.

Homeschooling can be a very effective way of giving your children the tuition they need to be successful in their exams. Whether you need help getting them into the school of your choice, or just want to support their education, home schooling is a great way of supporting them.

A tutor will give your child one-to-one tuition in your home, via Zoom, or at any other location of your choice. The tutor’s focus will be entirely on your child’s educational development which will help increase their confidence as well as their grades.

Your child will benefit hugely from the one-to-one tuition. Their tutor will have the time and attention to be able to support them to learn in their own way and at their own pace, with consequent benefits for their educational development.

Yes. Children who receive extra tuition via homeschooling generally achieve better grades. If you are homeschooling your children full-time, hiring tutors to help them with the gaps in your subject knowledge will help them achieve success.

Yes. Over lockdown tutors have been working online with students, homeschooling them over Zoom or other online meeting platforms, giving them the same high quality attention they’d get in a face-to-face lesson.

Homeschooling is for anyone and everyone. It’s great for students being schooled at home full-time, and those who are at school but need extra support, whether it’s to get better exam grades, gain places at prestigious schools or just to help them keep up with their schoolwork.

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