Maternity Support

Being a mother is a full-time job. No-one should be expected to look after kids and babies without any support, especially while juggling a job, household chores, caring duties or other commitments.

This is particularly true with parents of newborn and very young babies. For new mothers it can be pretty overwhelming returning home with a little life to tend to.

Night Support

The most difficult time for many newborns and parents is at night. Difficulty sleeping, feeding at irregular intervals, or dealing with a baby with colic or reflux are particularly challenging, and can leave you exhausted.

A night nanny, (or night Auntie) is a dedicated childcare specialist who can come and assist you and your baby at night-time, when they’re most needed. Night nannies can take over your baby’s night care for you: putting them down to bed, sorting out feeding, and changing nappies.

Or they can simple come and give you expert advise on feeding techniques, sleeping patterns and any other baby care issues to give you time to rest.

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Fully checked, hand-picked staff.

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    Why choose an Artisan Aunties Night Nanny?

    Our night nannies are all subject to our rigorous Artisan Aunties standards. Every night auntie has the following attributes:

    • Experienced with babies
    • Enhanced DBS check
    • An understanding, patient attitude
    • Flexibility
    • General advice and bespoke care for you and your baby

    Whether you have one baby, twins or more, we have a night nanny to suit your specific needs. She’ll have extensive experience handling night feeds, baby changing and supporting mum and/or dad at night in whatever way you need.

    If you’re struggling to keep your eyes open, or dreading the same restless nights with a crying newborn baby, we can help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to a professional Maternity Auntie or night nanny.

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