Child Nanny services in London

The Great Aunts at Artisan understand that childcare is difficult. Balancing demanding jobs, household chores and looking after the kids can just be too much for parents at times.

That’s why we’ve brought our trademark Artisan treatment to nanny services in London and beyond.

We know it can be hard finding a reliable nanny agency. Whether it’s inexperience, impatience or just the wrong attitude, all too often the nanny they assign to your child is a poor fit. Artisan nannies aren’t.

Because every Artisan Auntie is hand-picked through a rigorous recruitment process, we make sure every that Artisan nanny is fully checked, has the right skills, and is custom-fit to your childcare needs.

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Fully checked, hand-picked staff.

  • An Artisan Nanny

    Nanny, “manny”, home childcare support, governess – the most important thing with nannying is they’re capable and child-friendly. Artisan Aunties have no time for nanny services that don’t put your kids first.

    That means having a relaxed, playful demeanour (but also knowing how and when to keep discipline). And all of our premier Artisan nannies have a CV of useful skills to give parents that all-important breathing space.

    Nanny services from Artisan include:

    • Creative activities and playtime for kids
    • Babysitting
    • Homework help
    • Help with meal prep
    • Baby sensory play
    • Bath and bed time
    • Light domestic work (e.g. kids’ laundry)
    • Assisting with errands (e.g. dog walking, trips to the park)

    If you need occasional help of a part-time nanny with the kids after school, or full-time nannying services during school holidays and half-terms, Artisan Aunties can provide bespoke support.

    And as always, Artisan Aunties match up a fully qualified, reliable nanny with your children on an individual basis. Artisan nannies are never one-size-fits-all.

There are no seven wonders of the world
in the eyes of a child. There are seven million