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Stress free school runs in London

Artisan Aunties understand that not everyone has the time, means or mobility to drive themselves and their kids to every meeting, errand and after-school club.  That’s why we’ve gathered an artisanal selection of professional and flexible drivers to carry out whatever duties you require.

A reliable school run driver (especially in London) can be a godsend! School run help is sometimes essential during a hectic rush hour. Picking up the kids from school and to after-school activities, friends’ houses or kids’ parties can even be combined with other helpful transport errands.

Our drivers can pick up shopping, accompany you to appointments, or even help you with other types of home care support.

Regardless of their specific duties, all Artisan Aunties’ drivers are all diligent, discreet and dependable. They’re willing to work long hours if required and always offer complete confidentiality.

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    School Run Services in detail

    It goes without saying that this premium service includes planning routes, taking note of possible detours along the way, monitoring the severity of traffic and, naturally, driving safely. All our drivers are experienced and confident on roads in London – and beyond!

    Drivers are happy to use their own vehicle or one supplied by you if that’s what you’d prefer. All insurance needs are covered in the Terms of Business.

    Vehicle maintenance is also of great importance and your driver will arrange for regular servicing to be carried out on either your vehicle or their own. Drivers are also responsible for the cleanliness of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, ensuring any vehicle is clean and tidy before your journey.

    You have the choice of employing a driver directly through Artisan Aunties or using us as a service provider. Any additional costs incurred will be funded by you at the time or in advance.

    Get in touch to hear about our selection of first-class car crew and take us for a test-drive!

Frequently Asked Questions

The ‘school run’ is the time when your children need taking to school in the morning or picking up at the end of the school day. It is usually a time of increased traffic on the roads as many parents drive their kids to school.

Contact us if you are in need of a driver to help with the school run, or if you’re looking for work as an Artisan Auntie.

This depends on how long the school run will take, whether the job involves helping the children get ready in the morning or need childminding in the afternoon. Talk to us about your needs and we can give you an accurate quote.

How your children get to school is up to you. If a vehicle is needed, you can ask you Auntie or Uncle to drive your car or their own, but check that they are fully insured to do so.

Its not about the car you drive,
Its about the way you drive