Keeping our team safe

Coronavirus Guidance Update

Government Guidance with regard to the current outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is:

Wash Hands

Cover Face

Make Space

Protect yourself and others from coronavirus by:

  • Self-isolating: stay at home if you think you have coronavirus
  • Washing your hands regularly
  • Staying safe by staying 2 meters apart where possible
  • Wearing face coverings

We will continue to monitor the situation and take into account guidance; however, your safety remains our main concern.

The following advice is considered precautionary, but we expect your co-operation in adhering to it. The precautions are necessary to reduce the possibility of infection and reflect current UK Government advice, which may change.

This guidance applies to anyone who works for Artisan People – employees, workers, work experience, contractors, etc.

HR will continue sending updates to our Great Aunts which can then be passed on to teams.


In all circumstances you should err on the side of caution on attending work, and not attend if you have travelled recently and/or are exhibiting any of the symptoms (essentially flu-like symptoms).

You should contact your GP or the NHS 111 number for advice, and should do so BEFORE attending a GP surgery, hospital or medical centre.

If you have any concerns, please contact Artisan People’s HR department. You can also contact our free 24-hour Employee Assistance Programme on 0800 047 4097.


Artisan People do not generally conduct any overseas business.


You should continue to monitor FCO Travel Advice and any information offered by your travel provider before travelling. You should check before returning to work to ensure that guidance has not changed. Please note that you should self-isolate for 14 days if you return from an overseas trip unless the country is:

  • covered by the travel corridor exemption
  • within the common travel area (Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man)
  • British overseas territories

Please do not hesitate to send any questions or concerns to HR at this email address:


When attending the office please use the alcohol gels available at reception. Please sign in using your own pen. Ensure you sit at your own desk (do not desk share) and use your own equipment and stationery. All stationery should be put away in your office drawer at the end of the day. Please do not leave pens etc out on the desk while you are not in attendance.

Ensure you adhere to the occupancy guidance for meeting rooms/areas/kitchen and toilets. Cold packed lunches are preferred, which must be clearly labelled. Please choose a cup and label and avoid using the unlabelled cups as these will be used for visitors. Avoid making drinks for others and do not share food.

First aid kits have disposable gloves and facemasks – which must be used by first aiders when administering any first aid.


Face to face meetings should be limited and strict social distancing should be applied. Try to meet outdoors if weather permits. Face coverings and use of hand sanitisers are advised if meeting indoors. Please contact HR for further advice.

All visitors to Head Office must be asked to use the alcohol gels available at reception upon arrival and adhere to social distancing. Visitors must sign in using own pen and provide contact details for Track and Trace (on sign in sheet). Should any visitors exhibit any COVID symptoms i.e. cough, high temperature, loss of taste/smell, please send the visitor away and rebook the appointment.


When visiting or working in store, face coverings should be worn, and store track and trace procedures adhered to. You should not attend if you are feeling unwell (flu like symptoms) or have come into contact with someone displaying symptoms or someone that has recently been tested as positive for Coronavirus. Please ensure you contact your line manager in this instance so we can best advise and initiate the track and trace procedure with our clients and colleagues.

Self-isolating should be adhered to if you have travelled back from any region other than the ones mentioned above.

Regular hand washing and the use of hand gels is advised and encouraged.

All clothes/uniform worn in store must be cleaned and no items should be worn again without being cleaned.

All pens, papers and equipment should not be shared. If using phones, an alcohol wipe or spray should be used before and after use, as well on frequent touch points including counters, testers and tester units (where possible use sprayed blotters that customers can use and then discard safely).

Customers should be encouraged to use touch free payments where possible. If not possible, payment apparatus should be alcohol wiped or sprayed before and after use.


Please ensure all your team are aware of this guidance. This includes workers, work experience, contractors, freelancers. Please make appropriate arrangements to brief staff and speak directly to clients etc.

Ensure you notify the relevant Client/Store Managers (for track and trace purposes) if a worker or team member contacts you regarding symptoms, being in contact with anyone that has tested positive or they themselves test positive for coronavirus. Please remind workers/team members that they must self-isolate for 10 days if they have tested positive for corona virus or have symptoms and 14 days if a member of their household has tested positive coronavirus or have symptoms.

Please ask about recent travel and act in accordance with this guidance. Please register any future travel plans to regions not listed above to the HR team.

Managers are responsible for monitoring who is going to countries outside the regions listed above, and for ensuring that staff touch base with them before coming back to work.

In general, please take an active role in discouraging staff from attending work with illness, particularly flu-like symptoms. Where working from home is possible, this is a sensible precaution. Where not, please insist on absence and escalate any operational concerns to your manager/HR where appropriate.

If people have been asked to refrain from attending GP surgeries etc, or if they have stayed at home as a precautionary measure, it may be more difficult than usual to get a medical certificate from a doctor. Please talk to HR in this instance.

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