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Domiciliary Care

It’s understandable that, whatever their age or ability, most people will want to live independently at home for as long as possible. For those who need a bit of extra support in order to be able to thrive at home, our Aunties and Uncles can provide them with domiciliary care. With a flexible, can do attitude, our service is tailored to your loved one’s needs, whether they need someone to help them look after a pet, extra help with the cleaning, cooking or gardening, doing a bit of shopping, taking them to appointments, or just sitting down with tea and biscuits to watch their favourite TV programme with.

Whether you need domiciliary care and support on a long term or short term basis, you can rest assured that we can provide an Auntie or Uncle who will be best suited to make a real difference.

Our careful selection process ensures that all of our Aunties and Uncles are sympathetic, patient, flexible and have warm, can-do personalities, as well as being fully reference checked. Regardless of their duties, they understand the difference they can make to someone’s life, and aim to make living independently not only possible, but also a great pleasure.

Tell Us More About The Elderly Person Who Needs Assistance

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      Home care for the elderly 

      Artisan Aunties provides home care for the elderly and disable that truly makes a difference to people’s lives. Not only do our Aunties and Uncles offer practical support, they also offer emotional support in the form of elderly companionship, always with patience and empathy. We hand pick our staff for their personality, customer service skills and the willingness to go the extra mile for their clients.

      Our aim is to provide someone who will brighten up your loved one’s day. To provide happy times and good memories. As the COVID vaccine is rolled out, our Aunties and Uncles can help support older people as they venture out again. Many have lost confidence during lockdown and will need encouragement and support to help them when it comes to going shopping, meeting friends, using public transport etc.

      It is likely that, over time, an elderly person will gradually need additional support. Our Aunties and Uncles will be more than happy to adapt their skill set accordingly, and we will provide them with training courses on every aspect of home and personal care. By gradually increasing the level of support given by the same Auntie or Uncle, your loved ones can rest assured that the person providing it is someone they know and trust.

    • Live-In-Care

      With our live-in service, you are able to stay at home with an Auntie or Uncle to take care of you and run the household. Whether this is a temporary or permanent arrangement, we tailor a flexible package to meet your needs, including concierge care, elder care, personal care, help with medication, mobility, as well as looking after the house and helping out with personal administration such as paying bills and keeping your family up-to-date with how things are going. All our live-in carers are carefully selected for their personal qualities such as patience and kindness, as well as fully trained and upskilled to provide any and all of the services needed, including overnight care packages.

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    • Home Help & Companionship

      Loneliness is a huge problem if you are isolated at home. With regular visits from an Auntie or Uncle, you can look forward to a chat as well as having some help in the house. Our Aunties and Uncles are happy to help out with the housework, make sure all your appointments are booked and in the diary, or any other little job you need. Ask them to sit down and have a cuppa and a friendly chat and, when it’s safe to do so, they’ll also be happy to take you out on short trips, such as to the shops, a café or the local library.

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    • Everyday Support

      If the everyday tasks in the house are getting a bit too much, your Auntie or Uncle is happy to help. They can take you to doctors’ appointments, help out with your personal care, as well as cooking, cleaning and washing. If you have pets, they’re there to help keep them happy and healthy (and clean up after them!), including taking your dog out for walks to make sure he/she gets enough exercise. Basically, they look after all the everyday tasks you’re finding difficult, so you, your furry companions and your home are always spick and span.

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    • Out and about

      The ability to get out and about is hugely important in practical and, more importantly, emotional terms. Once the pandemic is over, if you’ve been self-isolating or shielding, you’ll be keen to see the world again. Whether it’s to get out for a drive, have the opportunity to visit shops, potter around garden centres, take a trip to the seaside, or visit your favourite stately home and museum, your Auntie/Uncle would be delighted to accompany you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. Artisan Aunties will find out your exact requirements in a one-to-one fact-finding consultation to find and introduce you to a suitable Auntie or Uncle who you can employ directly to provide you with ongoing or ad-hoc overnight care.

    We know it can sometimes feel difficult or embarrassing to talk about some of the assistance you might need and so we call some sensitive care needs ‘Personal Care’. These include needing assistance with mobility, getting into/out of bed; dressing and undressing; washing and personal hygiene; toilet care; reminding and administering pre-agreed medication; managing behavioural difficulties; mental health and cognition problems. Artisan Aunties can introduce you to a suitable Auntie or Uncle to directly employ to assist with personal care in a discreet and sensitive way.

    Home support will enable you to maintain – and even improve – your independent lifestyle. Our Aunties and Uncles are happy to give you as much or as little support as you need in order to allow you to do just that.

    Nationwide, wherever your call home, we can provide you with the support you need.

    Artisan Aunties rates are competitive and reflect the quality of service provided. Artisan Aunties can introduce you to an Auntie or Uncle and you can pay them directly setting your own rates. Alternatively, depending on the support you need, we can manage everything for you – typically this would start from £19.50 per hour. This cost covers all the necessary tax, National Insurance, Pension contributions etc of your Aunties or Uncle that are a legal requirement so that you don’t have to worry about them.

    We understand how difficult and emotional it can be to care for those close to you. Artisan Aunties can support you by introducing the perfect Auntie or Uncle to directly employ to provide the full support your loved ones need.

    Our Artisan Aunties and Uncles support in many ways to brighten up your loved one’s day and maintain their dignity to make living independently in their own home a joy again and give you peace of mind.

    Domiciliary care’ describes any care that is given to you in your own home, rather than in a care home setting, allowing you to maintain your independence and homelife. This could be anything from a bit of extra help around the house, assisting with everyday tasks, to supporting with personal care needs or even just a social call or help to get to an appointment. Artisan Aunties will work around you to tailor the service so that you get exactly the support you need, when you need it.

    Domiciliary care is help within your own home. Artisan Aunties will ensure that the service is tailored to you, whether you need support with meals, tidying and cleaning, looking after a pet, help with gardening, shopping, appointments, help with more personal care or just sitting down with tea and biscuits for a chat or watch a favourite tv programme. Whatever you would like support with, we will match your Auntie or Uncle to you.

    Artisan Aunties can introduce you to an Auntie or Uncle and you can pay them directly setting your own rates. Alternatively, depending on the support you need, we can manage everything for you – typically this would start from £19.50 per hour. This cost covers all the necessary tax, National Insurance, Pension contributions etc of your Aunties or Uncle that are a legal requirement so that you don’t have to worry about them.

    Artisan Aunties’ domiciliary carers provide all types of care in your home that can make a positive impact both emotionally and practically. This could be helping around the home or with more personal care. Our Aunties and Uncles always support with patience, kindness and empathy.

    Our Aunties and Uncles provide domiciliary care to individuals, couples and families who need our extra help to support living independently at home. We can tailor our services to exactly your needs, when you need it, to suit and fit around your circumstances.

    There is nothing worse that feeling unwell and not being in your own home. Artisan Aunties can be there for you in the comfort of your familiar surroundings to provide support be it emotional, medical or pyshical whilst you convalesce to get back on your feet following an illness, injury, or hospital stay.

    Growing old is inevitable.
    Acting old is optional.