Our drivers offer a high degree of flexibility in the duties they undertake. They not only offer a safe way to get you where you need to go but are also happy to help you with other types of home care support. They can combine driving duties with accompanying you to appointments, as well as helping out with tasks in your home, running errands, or other flexible duties as required.

Artisan Aunties’ drivers are all diligent, discreet and offer complete confidentiality. They are safe, dependable and are willing to work long hours.

Planning routes, taking notes of possible detours along the way, and monitoring the severity of traffic is a necessity and one that our experienced drivers take very seriously. They want to minimise anxiety and stress to give you peace of mind that you’ll have a comfortable journey and know you’re going to get there on time. They will co-ordinate with you to arrange your pickups and drop-offs to ensure your appointments are managed effectively.


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    Drivers are happy to use their own vehicle or one supplied by you if that’s what you’d prefer. All insurance needs are covered in the Terms of Business.

    Vehicle maintenance is of great importance and your driver will arrange for regular servicing to be carried out on either your vehicle or their own. Drivers are also responsible for the cleanliness of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, ensuring any vehicle is clean and tidy before your journey.

    You have the option of employing a driver direct through Artisan Aunties or using us as a service provider. Any additional costs incurred will be funded by you at the time or in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We respect and support the religious and cultural needs of all those we care for and ensure that your Aunties’ is fully briefed. Your specific needs will be discussed when you meet with your Great Aunt, to ensure that they match you with the most suitable carer.

Yes. Artisan Aunties understand and recognise the needs of the LGBTQ+ community and always provide a bespoke inclusive service.

We will run through the usual list of duties that our Aunties and Uncles can and cannot undertake for you in our factfinding meeting. You are welcome to suggest other support you need.

We will find out your usual daily/weekly needs in our factfinding meeting and draw up an agreed plan of support. If your needs change, we can easily amend your package.

Artisan Aunties want you to maintain – and even improve – your independent lifestyle and the home support our Aunties and Uncles provide will give you the freedom to do just that.

Domiciliary care is provided in your own home rather than in a residential home. Artisan Aunties and Uncles want you to maintain your freedom and dignity by remaining at home as long as possible, and their domiciliary care will support you in doing so.

We will find out your exact needs in our factfinding assessment and recommend a suitable Auntie or Uncle who fulfil your needs. You will employ them directly so it is up to you to determine how long they stay. 

All your requirements and needs and those of your live-in Auntie/Uncle will be discussed at the factfinding consultation.

Usually your dog will be walked alone and have 100% of our love and affection.

We can introduce you to an Auntie or Uncle who you are able to employ directly to support your overnight care needs. Artisan Aunties can provide ad hoc overnight companionship for emergency or short-term assistance.

We can introduce you to an Auntie or Uncle who you can employ directly to support your ongoing mobility needs.

We can introduce you to an Auntie or Uncle who you can employ directly to support your personal care needs.

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