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Artisan Aunties provide live-in care for the elderly in the comfort and security of their houses. We’ll help support you to live your daily life to the full, with the reassurance of having someone there to support you at night, through live-in care packages.

Our Aunties and Uncles give you the independence you need to remain living in your home and community. They can also accompany you when traveling in the UK or abroad.

Initially, we assess and pre-agree your level of care with you and your loved ones, taking the time to talk to you in order to find out your likes and needs. Then we select and introduce a personally matched Auntie or Uncle to be on hand to help run the household.

Tell Us More About The Elderly Person Who Needs Assistance

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      At Home Elderly care offers

      • A great alternative to residential care
      • Domiciliary care solutions
      • Overnight home care for the elderly
      • 24 hour live-in care
      • Temporary and permanent solutions, with complete flexibility
      • Bespoke care packages for couples
      • Senior care services
      • Compassionate experts to help you through the process
      • Complete discretion
      • Trustworthy support from the Artisan Aunties team
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      Caring companions to assist with...

      • Mobility and daily activities
      • Cooking and cleaning
      • Medication administration
      • Personal care
      • Care advice and guidance
      • Personal admin

      Patience, kindness and understanding are the most important attributes of our Artisan Aunties and Uncles, who are carefully selected with your needs and requirements in mind.

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      What is live-in care?

      If you’re looking for 24 hour care for someone elderly living at home, live-in care or overnight care, we can provide assistance. With an Auntie or Uncle on hand, you and your elderly relative can rest assured that if they need help in the night, there will always be someone available.

      The live-in care services we offer will not only enable your loved one to continue living independently at home, but also enjoy their independence. A live-in Auntie or Uncle will act as a companion as well as someone who’ll help around the house and make sure everything’s in order. This means you can relax knowing that your loved ones not only have their physical needs catered to, but also their emotional needs. We’re not happy unless our clients are!

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      Benefits of In-Home elderly care 

      There are many benefits of providing live-in home care. The elderly are more prone to loneliness and social isolation, so having 24 hour live-in care will provide them with companionship, which will mean they’re less likely to develop depression.

      A live-in carer will also reduce the likelihood of a fall – instead of struggling to do something themself, they are much more likely to ask their Auntie or Uncle to do it for them instead.

      And when they’re ready to tackle things for themselves, there’ll always be someone there to make sure they don’t overdo things and risk injury. If you’re looking for a live-in care agency to provide companionship and help at home for an elderly relative or friend, get in touch now.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We will work on your exact needs and recommend a suitable Auntie or Uncle. You will employ them directly, so it’s up to you to determine how long they stay with you. This could be for a fixed short term or for ongoing support.

    Artisan Aunties will arrange an initial one-to-one consultation with you to determine both your needs and also what is usually expected to be provided to your live-in Auntie/Uncle.

    Typically you would pay from around £500 per week for live in care, depending on the duties and hours required. We would discuss this in detail with you in a one- to-one factfinding consultation.

    Our live-in Auntie or Uncle could be a companion, a home help, caregiver, or all three! Artisan Aunties can provide emotional, practical, and physical support for your loved ones in their own home meaning you can relax knowing that your loved ones every need is cared for.

    Most importantly, our Aunties and Uncles show professionalism through their patience, kindness and understanding. Artisan Aunties can provide support for anything and everything from emotional support, home-help, personal care, to pet care, companionship, admin and PA support. We will tailor the service around your needs.

    We would meet with you to determind your specific needs and bespoke match an Auntie or Uncle to you. That way you can tailor the duties that your live in carer provides to completely suit you.

    The cost of live-in care varies depending on your circumstances, and what services you require. We would introduce you to your live in Auntie or Uncle and charge an introduction fee only. You would then pay your Auntie or Uncle directly at a pre-agreed rate. Typically this can be around £500 per week

    One of our Great Aunts will be your initial point of contact and will discuss and pre-agree a bespoke service with you and your loved ones depending on your likes and needs. We will shortlist candidates and do all background checks before introducing you to your potential Auntie or Uncle.

    The specific support you need is entirely your preference and so can be day visits, or regular overnight stays. You may need an Auntie or Uncle to support you during the night or just be close at hand for your comfort.

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